#Domain market : It’s time to replicate the BuyDomains paradigm

With over a million domains, BuyDomains.com is an excellent reference point for studying the domain market.

If you have 100 domains, and you sell 3 in a month for a total of $25,000 that’s a great accomplishment. Try scaling that over a 12 month period with the same success, and you might be disappointed.

If it were that easy, investment bankers would be moving into the domain market!

If you have 1,000 domains and you consistently sell 1 domain every month, you start to understand the math behind the industry.

For the lucky few who have 10,000 domains or more, that math becomes a business model, and most settle on an annual sales rate of 1% plus or minus 1/2 a percentage point.

Buy Domains takes those metrics to the next level up and their domain sales results support the math.

BuyDomains – Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

They are kind enough to share their sales data with Namebio.com, and it’s a great tool to help you decide if you want to move from 100 to 1,000 domains, from 1,000 to 10,000 domains, or anywhere in between. You can also see what kind of names are selling, and what you should be buying!

Over the past year, Buy Domains has sold 3,212 domains, that’s an average of about 9 per day. Over the past 30 days, they have sold 372 domains, which is a refreshing increase to about 12 per day.

Recently, on April 30th, Buy Domains sold 29 domains in one day for a total of $55.9k. That’s an impressive number considering the state of the economy and uncertainty in many business sectors.

thenewgallery.com 4,488 USD
customercommunication.com 4,188 USD
anythingmobile.com 3,388 USD
competeandwin.com 3,300 USD
accelerateamerica.com 2,900 USD
notation.org 2,500 USD
apartmentgeek.com 2,288 USD
floorauthority.com 2,288 USD
boardsmart.com 2,194 USD
liquidlung.com 2,188 USD
virtualvibe.com 2,100 USD
datapipelines.com 1,761 USD
soccernutrition.com 1,600 USD
cfoonline.com 1,500 USD
lifestyleentrepreneur.com 1,500 USD
savethenight.com 1,500 USD
allcomers.com 1,449 USD
visionmission.com 1,400 USD
soccerathlete.com 1,400 USD
ropeart.com 1,395 USD
genean.com 1,288 USD
farmbliss.com 1,288 USD
cambyo.com 1,200 USD
maskerade.net 1,188 USD
justicepartners.com 1,188 USD
uvcleaning.com 1,150 USD
visualpersuasion.com 1,100 USD
merchandiseexpress.com 1,088 USD
myofficeguru.com 1,015 USD

They’re clearly doing something right!

Story kudos: Dale G.

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