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Domain Name Sales inquiry thwarts Coup d’Etat attempt in Nigeria

The Nigeria army is in high alert.

The Nigerian army is currently in high alert.

A domain inquiry sent via the Domain Name Sales platform, has apparently prevented a violent military intervention in Nigeria.

It all started as a typical domain inquiry for a military gear domain name, but instead of coming with an offer, it contained a message from none other than colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu, son of a ruthless Nigerian paramilitary member of the 1960’s:

“Am in need of large number paramilitary equipment, guns greanades and ammo & also i like 2 register the militia defense security of nigeria, motto:discipline & justice under paramilitary member.”

The message was ignored at first by the domain owner, who was tired of receiving spam from Nigeria.

After Googling the Nigerian colonel’s name, he became worried and contacted the authorities.

“This example of a citizen has prevented a major military operation in Nigeria, and for his vigilance he must be commended,” said NSA director, Keith Alexander.

“Our agency is facing an unfairly hard time these days from the media, all while what we actually do is protect the nation and its citizens from terrorist threats,” added Alexander.

This is yet another great example of the services rendered by Domain Name Sales, and its ability to cross-reference data related to domain inquiries.

Kudos to the fellow domainer who reported this remarkable incident.


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