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Domain Name Sales: One slight error with Frank’s trademark phrase


Registered trademarks should display the "R" mark in a circle.

Attorney John Berryhill did an excellent job representing Frank Schilling, with regards to the application for a trademark at the USPTO.

In early 2011, Frankie applied for a federal trademark for his company, Proforma Inc., which was granted in August 2011.

The mark in question is “Why build a brand when you can buy one?” that Frank Schilling is using on his web site, DomainNameSales.com – according to the application, the mark is for Brokerage services in the field of internet domain names“.

There is a slight problem, however.

Since the mark is now registered with the USPTO, Frankie should not be using the “TM” reference next to the phrase, but the “®” symbol instead.

Otherwise, cool stuff Frank! 😀

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