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Was your domain name stolen? Be vocal about it!

Domain names are getting stolen more often than what you think.

Domain names are getting stolen more often than what you think.

Domain theft is a ‘hot potato‘ among domain investors and business owners currently; recent mass breaches and hijackings of domains reaffirm one thing: When your domain gets stolen, don’t keep quiet about it.

Several great to premium domains are currently in the hands of cyber thieves, who employ a variety of techniques, mostly via phishing emails.

Domain owners that have chosen not to publicly announce that their property has been stolen, are doing themselves a disservice.

In the case of Lightly.com, we recommended that the owners make as much noise as possible, in order to prevent the brazen thief from selling it.

Being vocal about your stolen domain is an important factor in reclaiming it; Lightly.com is in the hands of its legitimate owners, thanks to the active involvement of yours truly, and that of the GoDaddy security team.

To notify us of any currently stolen domain names, use these guidelines – it will save you time.

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2 Responses to “Was your domain name stolen? Be vocal about it!”
  1. Peter J says:

    Just wondering, if someone purchased a stolen domain (whether knowingly or unknowingly), would they legally have to return it to the owner?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Peter – Short answer, yes.

    Long answer: Possession of stolen property could be problematic for any development or further resale. If one is aware of a domain’s status, and believes it’s ok to keep it, there is an ethical issue as well. Technically, only the legitimate owner could enforce their right to have the stolen property returned from whoever owns it currently.

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