Domain names : Is your baby’s name available as a .com?

Awesome Baby Name

Awesome Baby Name – Female ‘Smith’ domains.

Kids grow up fast these days, and are exposed to the online, interconnected world faster than ever before.

If you’re a soon to be parent, it’s smart to secure your expected baby’s domain early on.

In fact, if your last name is as common as ‘Smith’ or ‘Jones’, you’d better give your baby a first name that when combined with that common last name, is available as a .com.

That’s right: Instead of naming your baby first, look up the domain’s availability before naming it ! 😀

Luckily, there is an online tool that does exactly that.

At Awesome Baby Name you enter your baby’s gender and your last name, and it will provide a large number of available .com domains for the combined name.

So if you want Gianna Smith or Arielle Smith, the matching .com domains are available.

For fun, visit

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  1. Hire Domains says:

    I/m going to name mine, ,,,,, just she wants to sell her soul

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