Domain news aggregator summaries shrank down to Tweet size!

Popular domain news aggregator,, has given its contributing posts a “shrinkage” down to less than Tweet size: 135 characters.

That’s 5 characters less than Twitter, and a big drop from the previous limit of roughly 335 characters, which allowed domain bloggers to present content that engages readers.

The new format will appeal to catchy headline writers, for sure! 😉

The apparent reason for this change is to keep things tighter, alongside sponsoring ads and embedded prompts for add-on services.

Nothing wrong with that. But there is still plenty of wasted “padding” space between blog feed posts.

Maybe shrink post summaries down to headlines only? That’d do it! 😀

NameBee, a domain news aggregator operated by NameBright, still retains its display limit of 350 characters for syndicated blog feeds. post summaries are now limited to 135 characters. post summaries are now limited to 135 characters.

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