Domain newsletter : Get some Georgia Peaches, a Nooner and some Rare Stamps

Domain broker, David Clements.

Domain broker, David Clements.

There’s an absolute stellar selection of domain names in the latest Brannan’s domain newsletter, by broker David Clements.

Normally, we would not post two of those specials in a week, but the quality – and price – of the inventory offered, is top notch.

If you’re looking to invest in a single name – or more – this is a great opportunity to grab some goodies at low prices.

Here’s our selection from David’s list:

  • – Selling for $15,000. Them Georgia peaches sure are juicy and full of fuzz, we reckon.
  • – Priced at $15,000. It don’t matter if it’s a Southern gal or Caitlyn Jenner, ponytails look sassy.
  • – Price is $12,500. Donald Trump used some strong words against undocumented immigrants recently. Will he be the next president?
  • – Priced at $10,000. Not sure about any fallen angels other than Eosphorus, but it looks like fallen prices from here!
  • – Selling for $10,000. Don’t be sticking these stamps on an bill envelope to your power company!
  • – Price is $10,000. There’s a couple of those b!tches around domain forums, talking bad about domain sales, for sure.
  • – Selling for $10,000. When you call your wife from work to come meet you in the woods by the office, at lunch time. Catch my drift? 😉

Many more available directly from As usual, contact David Clements with some offers, they might be accepted.

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