#Domain not for sale: Hilarious message on Retry.com that was just sold

Never say never, as in the case of Retry.com – the registrant was adamant about the domain not being for sale, and had placed this message on the lander:

The retry.com domain is NOT for sale!
Contrary to what you or anyone else may believe, wish and/or claim, the retry.com domain is NOT FOR SALE.

Just to be totally clear – the retry.com domain is not for sale. I use the domain for certain entirely legitimate if somewhat obscure purposes and have no interest in selling the domain.

Yours truly

James Booth, buyer of Retry.com

The message was signed by the Retry.com owner, a Canadian named Danny.

Now then, where have we heard that argument before?

Retry.com was just acquired by James Booth, who apparently had to retry with an appropriate offer in order to get the domain name.

Drum roll.

The same registrant appears to own the aged, generic domains Matilda.com and Obtuse.com.

Moral of the story: everything has a price, and if you think you’d never sell your domain for any amount of money, share that amazing domain below. 😀


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