Domain Obituary: Christo Georg or “Georgiev” is a dead(beat) domainer

Christo Georg - Rest in peace.

Christo Georg – Rest in peace.

This is a Domain Obituary for Christo Georg, or “Georgiev” with an email address of and a phone number from Bulgaria +359888613795, logging in from the IP in Alicante, Spain.

On April 23rd, 2014, after placing an offer of $2,000 which was accepted on Domain Name Sales, Christo Georg agreed to the terms but unfortunately did not proceed with payment, never to be heard from again.

It is heart-wrenching that we have to declare Christo Georg dead, after numerous attempts over the course of a month were made to complete the agreement. We are certain, that if Christo Georg or “Georgiev” were alive, he would have done what’s right: pay for the domain he agreed to acquire.

May you rest in peace, Christo Georg, you will never get that domain you so much wanted. Amen.

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