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Domain parking: Announcing the new Bodis!

Domain parking veterans Bodis have rolled out a newly redesigned web site, and although we’re sad to see the ‘Bodis girls’ go, it’s for the best.


The PPC and domain monetization company announced the redesign of Bodis today:

This year we’re starting things off in an exciting way by announcing the launch of the new Bodis!

The new Bodis is a result of years spent gaining knowledge and experience, countless of hours listening to our users, and putting our hearts, souls, and everything we have into making this the best parking service possible.

Here’s some of the notable improvements we’ve made:

  • NET 7 payment schedule
  • Fast support / ticket system – no inquiry goes unanswered!
  • More control over your domains (option to disable ZeroClick, etc)
  • For sale options: Escrow.com, Inquiry, Custom URL
  • Advanced reporting
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Folders & search filters
  • and more…

We’ve also done a lot of soul searching and have decided to return to our roots and remain committed to domain parking only.

This means our fixed price marketplace is coming to an end on February 1st, 2015. You can easily continue to list your parked domains for sale via Inquiry, Custom URL, or via our integrated Escrow.com option free of charge.

Lastly, we wanted to say that we have the next few months outlined and have more exciting features and positive improvements on the way!

We hope you like the new service as much as we do!

The Bodis Team

For more information, visit Bodis.com.

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8 Responses to “Domain parking: Announcing the new Bodis!”
  1. Domainer says:

    I wonder what good the “new Bodis” will bring when their payouts have decreased 3 (three) times!!! since December last year for the same amount and quality of traffic???

  2. DomainGang says:

    Domainer – I can’t imagine what Sedo does then, do they charge to park domains with them? 😛

    But seriously, PPC is a volatile market. If you have questions or concerns get in touch with Bodis, they are here to help.

  3. Domainer says:

    Nice try DomainGang, but no cigar! Well, the article was about Bodis and not Sedo. And that was my comment, as a domainer that parks part of his portfolio there for a couple of years now, and that statistic is a fact. On the other hand, if you have any interesting facts about Sedo’s parking program including how much they charge to park domains there please feel free to bring it up in another article.

  4. DomainGang says:

    Domainer – You should address all your concerns with the Bodis support, it’s there to help maximize your ROI by tweaking your portfolio settings.

    On the subject of low PPC at Sedo, we already said so in 2009:

  5. TroyBodis says:

    Hello Domainer,

    Although the recent policy changes of some of the larger ad providers has been affecting the EPC of some clients, this is affecting almost all parking companies right now, but I am confident that if you do get in touch with us, we can assist you in optimizing your parking revenues going forward.

    Please contact via support@bodis.com or simply open a support ticket from your Bodis account.

    Thank you.

  6. Nice upgradation for the improvement of parking facilities by the new Bodis. I really liked the advanced features included.

  7. nice service by bodis.

  8. ujjwal swami says:

    i have joined parking companies response was good well thanks for telling us some new parking companies.

    in my case the best performance was given by afternic for me and second one is bodis for me this one is also the good
    to get more information about the parking techniques on

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