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Domain portfolio password lost in a single flush

An important domain portfolio, generating tens of thousands of dollars annually, is most likely lost forever.

Its temporary owner, D.P. from Dallas, Texas, won access to the portfolio in a game of poker, only to lose the piece of paper bearing the account credentials later that same night.

“We played Texas holdem and the money was piled high, then G.K. asked if he could throw in his domains making $50 grand a year, we said ok, and I won that game,” said D.P., a systems analyst.

“Then I went to the bathroom to get rid of the chalupa and tacos I had for dinner, only to lose the slip of paper into the toilet!” exclaimed D.P.

According to the poker game winner, the slip of paper ended up on the toilet ‘waste’ and he only realized it while he was flushing it down. His attempt to pull it out of the dirty water by hand was unsuccessful.

“The previous owner said he had no copy of it, and his domain account was scrambled with no way of proving ownership, like a Swiss bank account, so now I’m screwed!” said D.P., washing his hands for the 20th time.

Moral of the story: always keep a printed copy of your domain account credentials in a place far away from the toilet or other hazards that might destroy your only access to it.

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