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#Domain products : Got a pair of balls, and some free head at the #Academy

It’s hardly news: Products that are commonly used in everyday life, often carry domain names on them.

I was excited to drop by at one of my favorite stores, Academy, which operates from the domain Academy.com.

Went down the sports section, to get a couple of tennis balls.

Unlike my friend Konstantinos of OnlineDomain, I don’t play tennis, so why would I need tennis balls?

Well, I play racketball.

In Greece, the game of racketball is called raketes, and although the owner of Raketes.com says in originated in Greece, it’s actually from Brazil.

This is a game played on the beaches around the world, and the standard ball is a tennis ball – whether soft or hard. In the US, people play racketball using a silly small rubber ball that bounces all over the place. A tennis ball is much easier to control.

After I got two different types of balls, I noticed that Penn, manufacturers of one tennis ball type, list the domain Head.com on the product’s label.

This is a tremendous generic domain, and its owners are in Austria, according to historic WHOIS data provided by DomainTools. According to the web site, the corporation is in the UK.

Here’s a video from some beach in Greece where people play the game!

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