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Domain Proverbs – Group #2

Why yu no bai do mein?

Back in August, we had a lot of fun dispersing domainer wisdom with our first group of “Domain Proverbs”.

Such words of conventional wisdom come from the heart and soul of domainers; they are not just tips, but deep philosophical formulas for a better, happier domaining. 😀

Here is Group #2 of Domain Proverbs for you to peruse and enjoy!

  • “No smell good at TRAFFIC convention, no domain sale – Rik Su Arts
  • “iPhone good, Android bad – Shaolin Monk, Shi Ling
  • “A mass email a day keeps the domain buyers away – To Bi Cle Ments
  • “Sexy Russian female avatar try sell domains, man trap to wallet – Forum troll
  • “He who issues daily domain list, keep gems to himself – Nam Eh Jet
  • “Show man big breasts and long legs, and he buys domains and hosting – Go Da Di
  • “Man who shaves head negotiates domains harder – Am Mar Ku Ba
  • “Pigeon fly like the wind, Register Fly like an arrow – Spam Yu
  • “Zumba classes invigorate man domainer like viagra – Ki Ki Cu

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