Domain rebranding: Greek megacorp MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals is now Metlen

MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals is a Greek industrial conglomerate with business units active in the sectors of metallurgy, energy and EPC.

Founded in 1990, on the heels of a family business operating since 1908, the MYTILINEOS brand lasted 115 years. The company decided to rebrand as Metlen Energy & Metals, utilizing the domain name

Switching from to the new domain is not a simple case of domain rebranding, due to the century-plus long use of the name in Greece and internationally.

But that would not deter the company’s Chairman and CEO, Evangelos Mytilineos, from delivering an emotional yet decisive message at the annual meeting of shareholders.

During the event, Mr. Mytilineos said:

“It is a significant milestone, but also a challenging moment for me, as whichever name you choose after 115 years will not be like the previous one. MYTILINEOS has gained an emblematic character, something for which all of us are proud.

As difficult as it is for me, as the company is like my third child, we are motivated and devoted to reaching new heights that a Greek company has never conquered. This sacrifice of the name – because in my heart it is like that – proves that if we are ready to move to such a drastic step, then nothing will stop us going forward.”

It’s an example of the company’s strong commitment to its people and the quality of its products, regardless of the brand name that the latter carry.

Story kudos: Dommunity.

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