#Domain rebranding: Handshaking.com sold “for a song” in brand upgrade!

Matt Holmes is singing his “Handshaking” song, featuring rapper Sean Paul, and it’s a lighthearted approach to Covid-19.

We’re going through strange times, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, that prevent us from shaking hands.

The founder of Handshakin‘ offers direct networking with people around the business world, operating from the domain Handshakin.com.

“In early 2015, Matt Holmes launched the Handshakin’ Video Series to interview today’s top entrepreneurs on networking and personal branding strategies. He wanted to learn how America’s 1% all became friends and leveraged relationships proactively to reach success.”

Matt let us know that he upgraded from the domain Handshakin.com to Handshaking.com, after buying the domain name at GoDaddy. The price wasn’t cheap, according to Matt who footed the bill, after all.

Handshaking.com founder, Matt Holmes

We can honestly say the domain Handshaking.com sold “for a song” seeing the price: $7,800 dollars. 😀

Said Matt about his experience with acquiring the domain name Handshaking.com:

“That was stressful, even as a domain investor, who’s less ignorant about domain aftermarket than the average domain buyer. I eventually spent more than I was comfortable with–way more than what made sense for my small business with an outsourced team, solo founder, and no investors.

But like many things, once the deal is done and it’s something you wanted, you’re happy about it if you didn’t buy it as an investor looking for an ROI.”

Watch Matt’s “Handshaking.com” song below! 😀

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2 Responses to “#Domain rebranding: Handshaking.com sold “for a song” in brand upgrade!”
  1. Richard Lau says:

    Too funny! He buys Handshaking.com right before Covid hits. Gotta make lemonade out of those lemons! And if anyone can do it, it’s Matt. Great guy and a great domain for a fair price. Would love to hear the backstory on the domain purchase…. and how he got Sean Paul on his video! lol.

  2. U says:

    Awesome! Nice and funny vid!

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