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Domain red alert : Would a nuclear war with North Korea affect domain investing?

An all-out, nuclear war with North Korea would disrupt most international trade.

Traffic restrictions would have to be made, and stock market activity around the world would most certainly plummet.

With all that in mind, we thought it be interesting to take the pulse of domain industry professionals, and seek their personal opinion about how a nuclear war with North Korea would affect domain investing activities.

Here’s what they allegedly said:

Rick Schwartz: A nuclear war would most certainly affect pigeon shit domain portfolio holders. They can’t sell these during peaceful times, what good would worthless domains be during war?

Chef Patrick: I really don’t care about domaining, I switched to selling mini doughnuts a while back. But I will create a new doughnut flavor, the Kim Jong-un, with glowing green frosting atop a chocolate cover with a funny “hairline.”

Frank Schilling: In the remote case of a nuclear war erupting, we will hunker down in the Cayman. Your domains are safe at Uniregistry, rest assured. Buy more .CLICK – that’s the sound a Geiger counter makes measuring radiation.

Elliot Silver: Most of my top notch domains are on no-reserve auctions at NameJet. I don’t have bidders from North Korea, and I don’t anticipate them to lose any value. Embrace technology, and the future.

The Castello Brothers: We have an agreement with Whisky.com to provide domain investors with mini bottles of the finest liquor. No nuclear activity will bring down the sale of ultra-premium generics. Drink and buy!

Mike Mann: I sold another .ORG today for $112,500 – bought it on 3/22/1943 for $2. Great investment. No need to worry about fallout as I drink lots of cheap tea daily and I’m immune.

Dr. Kevin Ham: I know you haven’t heard from me in years, but I’m actually alive. Been busy building a nuclear bunker in Toronto. You are all invited, let’s play poker and trade domain portfolios.

Ammar Kubba: I think generics will continue to survive, even as the world turns into a hellhole. If your domains get damaged by radiation, I will still give you a fair price as I often bid on NameJet as “juggernaut.”

Dave Evanson: As a senior domain broker with Sedo, I plan to continue brokering domains, even as North Korea sinks humanity into the abyss. We have some good customers in South Korea that will benefit from activity in the region. I also have a high-tech bunny suit, just in case we get hit with more than 5,000 millirems during the next Great Domains auction.

Bob Parsons: As a former Marine, I am ready for the ultimate mission. We go in, take out the commies and fly out in black, unmarked helicopters. Set the world free, buy a .com from GoDaddy!

We’d like to thank those specialists for sharing their opinion and hope that a peaceful solution will be found.

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3 Responses to “Domain red alert : Would a nuclear war with North Korea affect domain investing?”
  1. It’s not just domaining but a lot of other things as well. 🙁

  2. DomainGang says:

    Julio – I think you’re right. Sushi might start containing plutonium instead of just mercury.

  3. Ron Sheridan says:

    Awesome insights and perspective as usual!

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