Domain resurrection: Registerfly becomes ICANN-accredited .CN and .Asia registrar

The domain registrar associated with a mini scandal in the late 2000’s is back, having cleansed itself from its sinful past.

Registerfly was once a popular – and affordable – domain registrar, that attracted thousands of domainers; at the time of its untimely demise, there were several million domains under management.

Registerfly China - Coming soon.

Registerfly China – Coming soon.

After the domain expired, the new owners contemplated on what to do with it, leaving no option other than relaunching the registrar – this time, in China.

“Domain good, people China want easy cheap domain, and fly good word in China, like number 8,” said the Registerfly China director, Hong Yum Sum in Beijing.

“With effort domain big market, very big China so grow large than old business, sell domains for .CN and other Asia,” added Hong Yum Sum.

The introduction of Registerfly to the thriving Chinese market is a smart move; most Chinese domain investors are unaware of the former past that plagued Registerfly and its former officers.

The rebranding of Registerfly, arrives at a crucial time as competing portals such as attempt to capitalize on the rapid growth of the Chinese economy.


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