Domain Security: GoDaddy increases length of validation codes

Chinese domainers are crazy about numeric domains.

Get ready to punch more numbers at GoDaddy.

No domain registrar in the world cares more about domain security than GoDaddy.

If your domains were stolen and moved to some Chinese or Russian domain registrar, that’s because you were stupid enough not to turn two-factor authentication on.

The requirement to punch in a “validation code” sent to your phone via SMS is a strong deterrent for the low-life, scum-sucking vagabonds preying on your domains.

GoDaddy is now making their life more miserable, by tripling the length of all validation codes from six to a whopping 18.

“With 18 digits to enter as a security layer, there is no doubt the odds of a thief guessing the numbers are astronomical,” said Senior Security Analyst for GoDaddy, Gloria Whole.

“At GoDaddy, the expanded length of validation codes is patent-pending; we are years ahead of the game as compared to other ICANN accredited registrars,” added Whole.

While entering 18 digit codes might sound like overkill, it’s a good measure towards reinforcing the security of your domains.

“When playing Lotto, guessing all six digits is a feasible chance, and we are giving you the benefit of impossibility so that you can sleep well at night,” said Gloria Whole with a smile.

Next time you log into your GoDaddy account, be prepared to spend an additional 4.75 seconds entering the extra digits, but it’s worth it.


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3 Responses to “Domain Security: GoDaddy increases length of validation codes”
  1. Scott Neuman says:

    Turned on the two step after I got a scare on the account. Tried to get in a week later and I couldn’t get the 2nd step. Was on the phone with Godaddy for an hour. Still not told why there is an issue but about 2 hours later, I get an email saying it’s fixed. I’d like to know why it broke.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Scott – Did you enter 6 digits or 18?

  3. picas says:

    we are not so stupid but 2 step verification security now only applied for US and Canada and we still be in danger of Chinese thieves everyday

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