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Domain Sherpa launches RLVI domainer service

DomainSherpa, known for its “unbiased, authoritative information to help you discover, acquire, manage, monetize and sell domain names” has been publishing interviews with domainer professionals in video format for the past year.

Ranging from 30 to 90 minutes, the interviews feature DomainSherpa owner, Michael Cyger, as he hosts various known and less known domainer personalities.

Those video interviews, conducted mostly over Skype, have been a success; so now Michael is onto a new batch of Really Long Video Interviews – or RLVI for short.

“I realized that the thirst, or hunger if you prefer, for premium video content has been insatiable among domainers, especially my visitors from Domaining.com paid placement”, said Michael Cyger – who does not consider himself a “flipper” or “developer” of domains.

“Having worked for myself for several years now, I realized that the world wants to know more about the lives of others, so I will give my viewers more”, added Michael.

The new RLVI service from DomainSherpa will feature nine, twelve and twenty-four hour interviews of domainers. A video camera will record everything that happens in the proximity; from lunch breaks to potty breaks to expressive sessions of feelings during the registration or sale of domain names.

“DomainSherpa will capture it all, so be prepared to see Rick Schwartz eating a spicy burrito or Michael Gilmour on a potty break; we won’t edit the content during those multi-hour long interviews, it will be served raw for your pleasure”, said Michael.

The RLVI service will be launched with a disclaimer: all domainers with attention deficit disorder (ADD) will have to sign a waiver when registering for the new, premium content at DomainSherpa.com.

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