#Domain shocker : Half of all #Google searches result in zero clicks!

When it comes down to exposing your domains and developed web sites by submitting them to Google, you probably believe that writing quality content is a great method to gain traffic traction.

A new study, however, shows that only 51% of all Google searches convert to a click.

Data from the study conducted by SparkToro, showed that zero-click searches on Google have steadily risen over the past three years. In the first quarter of 2019, 48.96% of all U.S. Google searches captured by Jumpshot ended without a click, an increase of 12% from the first quarter of 2016.

Why does this happen?

Pretty much, Google has become a portal as opposed to a pure search engine. It provides snippets of information to an ever-increasing number of subjects, and searches that satisfy that part end up leaving Google without clicking on the actual search results!

Why is this important for domain investors that develop web sites?

If you create content that provides information, from active indexes to “wikipedia” style portals, Google can use that to its advantage and present it to its visitors right on the initial search. By doing so, you probably lose traffic and less clicks.

What happens after searching Google.

The new direction of Google’s business model has also caught the attention of the US Department of Justice, according to Search Engine Land; as regulatory scrutiny heats up, marketers may be in a position to alter the flow of the new Google wave.

See more details about this report by SparkToro.

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  1. Uknowledge says:

    Dont trust google

  2. Data Glasses says:

    How about Google Coin ……… ummmm

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