Domain sighting duo: Safelite and Popalock

TGIF! Today we have a rare “domain sighting duo” featuring two companies and associated domain names, Safelite and Pop-A-Lock, in one photo! 😀

Safelite provides services related to windshield repair and replacement for automobiles. They operate from the domain that was registered way back in 1995.

Meanwhile, Pop-A-Lock operates from It’s “the country’s largest group of locksmiths, providing 24/7 locksmith services across the US,” according to their web site. The domain was registered in 2001.

This rare two-in-one domain sighting can be seen below:

What’s a “domain sighting,” you may ask.

It’s when we encounter domain names in the real world, that appear on vehicle wraps and signs, billboards and business signs, and product wrapping. For convenience, we group them into .com domain sightings, and other ccTLDs, gTLDs and TLDs.

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