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#Domain sightings : Jan Can LLC using the plural version thanks to New Ventures

What are domain name sightings? Simply put, they are random encounters with domain names in real life.

When we come across a domain name imprinted on a physical item, that’s a “domain in the wild.” For convenience, we split these sightings in two main categories: dot .com sightings, and then everything else.

In this case, we had to break out of the “stay at home” executive order here in Florida, and get some essentials at the store. We’re ok with toilet paper, dog food and cans of sardines for now. Lots of sardine cans!

We came across the domain JanCans.com at a four way stop intersection, the domain of Jan Can LLC.

The company’s motto is “Honest. Reliable. Efficient.” and they provide dumpster platforms for residential and commercial projects. Give them a buzz if you need such a service in Central Florida.

The company uses the plural version, as JanCan.com is registered to New Ventures, the domain warehousing project of Web.com. That domain does not resolve.

JanCans.com – domain name for Jen Can LLC

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