#Domain sightings: The Lakeside .Church

Domain sightings are random encounters “in the wild” with domain names. These involve domain names in the physical realm, and not on the Internet. We classify them into two categories: dot .com domain names, and everything else.

This time around we came across a dot .Church domain, and not for the first time.

Still, domains ending in .Church are not that common. The Lakeside Church is in Oakland, Florida, right on the West Orange Trail.

The Lakeside Church exists to Make Disciples: New Ones, Better Ones. Our focus is to share the love of Jesus, present the hope and freedom of God’s word, and guide people to grow in faith as Disciples of Jesus. It’s not just a catchy slogan for us, it’s our mission.

Since 2015, the church is using TheLakeside.Church for its domain name, because BuyDomains has held onto the matching .com since 2011 and want $688 dollars for it.

The Lakeside Church operates from TheLakeside.Church

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