#Domain sightings : The #LLL .com is taken? Add a dash and 3 more letters!

What would you do if your brand or company consists of a 3 letter acronym, and – surprise! – it needs a 3 letter .com domain, also known as an LLL .com?

Let’s make a parenthesis right here.

Domain sightings are random encounters with such company domain names “in the wild,” as they appear on vehicles, building signs, or tangible products.

We record these domain name sightings for your entertainment, and categorize them into dot .com domain sightings, and everything else.

Back to our LLL .com dilemma, as we came across a company called RLH Construction LLC. These fine folks could not register RLH.com, taken since 1996, and they went for the next best thing.

RLHConstruction.com? Nope, that’s taken. RLHConstructionLLC.com? That’s way too long.

Ergo, using RLH-LLC.com sounds like a great idea, as it fits company vehicles just fine. Here’s the photo to prove it! 🙂

Founded in 1991, RLH Construction provides General Contracting, Construction Management and Design-Build Solutions to Retail, Commercial, Institutional and Multi-Family projects throughout the Southeast and Central Florida.

Domain sightings: RLH-LLC.com

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One Response to “#Domain sightings : The #LLL .com is taken? Add a dash and 3 more letters!”
  1. Rich says:

    I would have bought “TheRLH.com”

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