#Domain sightings: WaterTest.info offers free #water purification consultation

Domain sightings are random encounters with domains “in the wild” – the physical realm outside of computers and the Internet.

When we come across a domain name on vehicles, business or ad signs, products or anything else that is tangible, that’s a domain sighting. For practical reasons, we group them into dot .com domain sightings, and into other TLDs, ccTLDs, and gTLDs.

This time around we report on a dot .info domain name, WaterTest.info. It’s a company offering water purification services in Orlando:

Here at watertest.info we have been working hard to create the ultimate web site for explains what most people don’t know about their tap water, the effects it has on them, how it threatens and what they can do about it. The purpose of this page is mainly to share information we came across while conducting our research into drinking water quality in Florida through local sources (all verified), along with links to other online websites that offer further details so you are fully informed.

The domain WaterTest.info was registered in September 2020. The sign reads, “What’s in your water? Test the water – Free” in Spanish.


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