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Domain UDRP : A four letter word you can’t say on the Internet

The most abominable, four letter word you cannot say on the Internet, or the domainer community, does not start with an “F.”

“UDRP” speaks volumes in the domain name industry, and it stands for Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy.

A UDRP is the process by which a trademark holder petitions ICANN, the international governing body of domain names, for control of an infringing domain name.

There are additional reasons to file a domain UDRP, and not all of them facilitate the wished result; many petitioners (Complainants) fail miserably to understand their rights before resorting to a UDRP.

Here at DomainGang.com, we cover the legal aspect of domain investments extensively, under the Domain Law category.

Domain brokerage house, Lumis, has put together a nice tutorial about the particulars of the UDRP process, and it’s on our list of recommended readings.

Check it out.

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One Response to “Domain UDRP : A four letter word you can’t say on the Internet”
  1. GmLevine says:

    To be ornery, UDRP is the (almost) acronym of Uniform Domain Name DISPUTE Resolution Policy.

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