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Domain ventures : Ultra-conservative domainer duo form ‘Extreme Right of the Dot’


Extreme Right Of The Dot.

Two domain investors with political affiliations in the ultra-conservative pool of voters, are forming a new domainer community.

Extreme Right of the Dot will attempt to deliver an important conservative political statement, along with a domainer statement.

Domain venture partners Rufus Schwartzkopf and Thelma Hangendasch are launching ExtremeRightOfTheDot.com during a crucial election year for American politics.

“We wanted to make a statement that domain investors in America will be made whole and great again,” said Thelma Hangendasch, the group’s Founder and President.

“As a woman with deeply instilled conservative values, I support the goals and aspirations of Mr. Donald Trump, and it’s about time we kick the commies out of domain investing,” added Hangendasch.

The group’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Rufus Schwartzkopf, did not mince his words either:

“In America we’re witnessing an erosion of our great domain investment values, from outsiders, we hear a lot of commies buying numbers and stuff. At Extreme Right of the Dot we will ensure the core values of our forefathers are given the priority, attention and importance they deserve. All hail Mr. Donald Trump!”

Extreme Right of the Dot is currently seeking local representatives, so if you want to offer your domainer or political support, email them directly; our mission is to cover the news, not to take a political stance.

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