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Domain wealth impossible? Not with DNAlchemy and its Domainer’s Stone course!

Domain Alchemy.

Domain Alchemy.

Domain industry veterans, Mike Cyger and Merlin Kauffman joined forces in a new, dynamic course that will guide newcomers and experienced domainers alike.

The joint venture, Domain Alchemy, is a magical journey through the basic elements of unlimited wealth creation:

  • Core elements: Time and Money
  • Domainer’s Stone: Where is it?
  • Potions, filters and more domain magic

Presented in an easy to follow format, the recipes for success are offered via the domain DNAlchemy.com, a domain that should be bookmarked, whether you are already rich or whether you want to make money domaining.

“Never before has a course so esoteric been offered to the common domainer, and this is just the first in a series of educational materials about domain investing” said Mike Cyger.

“Merlin’s guidance will take you from A to B to Z, every step of the way – all the way to wealth generation through effective domaining. Don’t ask me how he does it, it’s true magic!”


DNAlchemy.com – The online course or the book.

Cyger’s joint venture with Kauffman on the Domain Alchemy course also arrives in a nicely bound book, if you prefer the print edition.

At 1,575 pages long and leather bound, the Domain Alchemy manual covers in detail such subjects as:

  • How to register domains
  • How to affix .com at the end of every keyword
  • Magic in domaining : Possible or impossible? You be the judge.
  • Spells, wishes and commands : Your first domain sale to a Chinese investor.
  • Why are domains valuable today? Hmm, why?
  • Who owns which domain? A WHOIS course with examples.
  • Domainers : The Secret Society of the Elders revealed.
  • Domain investments at a time of Lore and Legend : The Rick Schwartz scrolls.
  • Silver or Gold? What needs to go into the melting pot first.
  • Famous domain failures that went catastrophic.
  • Are porn domains ok to register?

There is no doubt that the course will become the true reference manual to domain investing success.

“I believe that after Soothe.com, this is Merlin’s best moment,” said Mike Cyger, adding: “Don’t be scared due to all the magical references, no daemons will slip through the cracks of hell, just immeasurable wealth and perhaps a longer apparatus!”

The DNAlchemy course costs only $3,999 dollars for all registered members, and you will get a $666 dollar discount coupon if your first name is either “Michael” or “Merlin.”

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