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#Domain winter : A side effect from Rick Schwartz leaving Twitter behind

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Rick Schwartz’s decision to leave Twitter behind, should be respected by everyone who knows the Domain King’s personality.

For over 20 years, Rick Schwartz amassed knowledge and delivered amazing results in his business endeavors. Through years of TRAFFIC conference organizing, he was able to get people to network, and to forge new alliances, bringing “new blood” to the domain industry.

There is no doubt that social media can be a tiring experience, depending on one’s approach to utilizing them. Rick Schwartz appreciates an audience that utilizes his knowledge, and sometimes commentary on Twitter can become toxic.

Rick’s departure from Twitter demonstrated his ability to “shake off” a habit, as he called it.

Spending time arguing with naysayers is counter-productive, and utilizing one’s own personal time is exactly that: personal.

But there is a side effect from Rick Schwartz leaving Twitter behind, by disabling his account’s visibility, and that loss can be seen in Google search results.

Google utilizes Twitter as a source of news, to provide up to date content, and that top content is now gone.

Even with a sparsely updated Twitter account, Rick’s prominence in the search results would remain intact; now, “domainking” and “Rick Schwartz” searches have elevated other entities by the same name, quite dangerously.

The SEO game is a never-ending adjustment of content across a timeline that relies on instant results. Returning to Twitter, even if it is just to keep it accessible, would be in the Domain King’s best SEO interest.

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