Domainer chutzpah : Give me $50 to give you a domain price quote

Here’s $50 to give me a domain price quote.

When it comes down to responding to domain inquiries, nothing beats the requirement of a $19 dollar payment.

At least, Telepathy has all this streamlined and automated, and it possesses a top notch domain portfolio.

An unnamed domain owner is now seeking to cash in on this trend, asking for $50 dollars per price quote, according to domain investor, Joshua Schoen of UltraDomains.

Joshua inquired about a domain name and received this response:

“Had a guy tell me I needed to pay him $50 via PayPal b4 submitting an offer on his domain & in order 4 him to consider it. No thx.”

But it gets funnier:

“Lol. So I told him there’s no way I was gonna send him $50 for him to consider an offer. He replied that complaints will be read for $15”

Apparently, not the best way to respond to – or not respond to – domain inquiries, as the exchange is not automated.

Can you beat that? 😀

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