Domainer Cruise : Riding on the Chef Patrick ‘DNCruise’ coat-tails ?

DNCruise - First EVER domain conference on a ship!

DNCruise – First EVER domain conference on a ship!

Chef Patrick might have retired from active domaining and onto new ventures in real estate, but his positive legacy lives on.

Everyone should recall the well-received DNCruise voyages in 2010 and 2011, that took many domainers on a trip to the Gulf and delivered domain education and entertainment.

Patrick Ruddell’s decision to change his primary business focus to real estate and spend more time with his family should be appreciated., the web site used for the events, is pointing to a ‘farewell’ article on DNJournal, the domain industry’s premier news magazine.

Meanwhile, is a new domain that has been registered and is being used in connection to domainer services.

The domain is pointed to a Facebook group by the same name, and depicts photos of a beach along with the description “a community of domainers.

We aren’t exactly sure why such a similar name was picked, particularly since Chef Patrick’s legacy with lives on. Domain investors need to be a little more creative, instead of basing their services on familiar names and brands.

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