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Domainer dating : NamePros member describes his “chick” quest problem


Imagine coming out of a long relationship, only to find out that the dating scene is full of chicks (or dudes) that don’t have a clue about what domainers do.

A Canadian domain investor is sharing his current situation, with the following description, on NamePros:

“How do you explain to a chick what you do for a living as a domainer without making it sound like the most boring job on earth? How can you spin this to make it look interesting without boasting? Maybe i’ll just pretend to be an architect… “

Further down the discussion thread, he explains that he’s been a domain investor for the best part of his 15 year relationship; he seeks advice about how to approach women on dates, and naturally, how to impress them.

Domainer dating : It’s brutal out there.

About to turn 40, our friend is genuinely looking for advice, and failure is not an option!

What would you do if you were him, taking out a beautiful French-speaking Quebecois woman on a first date?

Help this brother out! 😀

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5 Responses to “Domainer dating : NamePros member describes his “chick” quest problem”
  1. Don’t start a relationship off with a lie…

    Do you really want to be with someone that can’t grasp
    what DOMAINING is after you give her an explanation… ??

  2. Join Domains says:

    Give her a domaining ebook

  3. Woman says:

    Maybe start with not calling her “chick.”

    Then you can use the same words to explain your job as you would explain it to a man.

  4. DomainGang says:

    Woman – Plenty of young women love being referred to as “chicks.” Especially the hot ones.

  5. Alex says:

    As a French-speaking Québécoise working in the domain name industry, I can’t help but being very intrigued and entertained by this thread. This is how I explain what I do for a living: http://www.alexinthewild.world/work/2-one-year-on-the-learning-curve-at-centr

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