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Domainer Forum polls : New High School questionnaire


Across the United States, High Schools that receive federal funding, are required to issue anonymous questionnaires regarding drug use, sexual activity, socioeconomic status, and other useless activities.

These long questionnaires were used to be issued during lunch periods, but now most schools do it during health class to ensure a higher level of privacy.

It’s always interesting to see the results of those polls.

Usually, 90% of boys are sexually active and have smoked marijuana, whereas only 10% of girls report the same.  The results seem more cooked than Enron’s ledger.

The modern version of the questionnaire is the ‘Domainer Forum Poll‘.

Domainer polls at High Schools.

Domainer polls at High Schools.

A typical domainer forum poll seeks to define one’s annual income from domains, for example:  “How much do you make from domains, bro?

Typically, choices range from $100, to $100,000 dollars or more per year and response is outstanding.

It’s amazing to see how many domain forum members are making over $100k/year from PPC and domain sales, particularly when one reviews the great long tooth names they are selling.

The unfortunate thing is, the polls are fake.

There is only a small percentage of domainers making $100k/year, perhaps as low as 2% to 3%.

Those who do, would never respond to an online poll, and most of them know each other, or have been around long enough to know who the others are, so it’s a tough lie to propagate.

In light of this, starting this year, High Schools in the US will be adding “Domain Earnings” to their annual questionnaires. Perhaps responses will be more accurate there.

Thanks to Dale for the story. 😀

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