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Domainer game : NameJet now allows Xbox account logins!


Since its early days, NameJet pioneered the domain auction marketplace with the use of visible bidder usernames.

Unlike places like eBay, the ability to see your competition’s “name” established NameJet’s leading role as an open platform to acquire premium, aged domains by bidding.


Now, NameJet is taking the popular domain platform even further, with the introduction of Xbox account logins.

“If you are an Xbox player and got some kick-ass skills in Halo, why not show off your tag on NameJet?” said Jonathan Tenenbaum.

“You can now log into NameJet from Xbox by double-clicking your tag settings and adding the 32 digit number that encrypts your connection for a great experience. And you can max out your weapons first, if you prefer,” added Tenenbaum, smiling.

Millions of Xbox users will be able to flock to NameJet with a click of a button; the ability to expand the popular domain auction marketplace in such a manner was called “brilliant” by domain investor, Frank Schilling, who is also an avid Counter-Strike gamer:

“These NameJet guys know what they’re doing, trust me. If you have an Xbox, start it up, set up the NameJet tag link and we can do some damage together, if you got game!” exclaimed Schilling, whose company, Uniregistry, unveiled dot .Game this week.

Team play via Xbox will be limited to 4 accounts at a time, to avoid the possibility of ganging up against special multi-user accounts “First” and “Two Two” on NameJet.

Are you ready to play on NameJet?

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