Domainer in despair: Steal my domain names, please!

The current state of bad economy has sent many domain investors without a solid plan to a very tight corner.

“Long gone are the days of the mid 2000’s when I could flip any domain for any asking price at any given time,” says Kim Yo, an entrepreneur from Vietnam who lives in Los Angeles.

“These days, even LLL .com domains are not a sure investment, and I need money fast” says Kim.

With new gTLDs approaching fast, an increasing number of domainers are looking into other markets, such as iPhone app development, working as nightclub bouncers or dog-sitting.

“Financially, it’s more beneficial to me if my domains were stolen, because I have insurance on them!” exclaims Kim. “If I were to sell them at a loss I’d be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. So steal my domains, please!” says Kim, half-jokingly.

The lack of market liquidity has even led domain industry pioneers to end their domaining enterprises and move on to different fields. It’s a bad economy, unless one invested in land or Apple stock.

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  1. Khansaab says:

    We need a 50% logo on this 🙂

    Not for Kim’s part but the economy part.

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