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Domainer Lives Matter!

Domainer Lives Matter.

Domainer Lives Matter.

Fed up with racism on the Internet targeting domain investors?

Tired of being called a “DC” (dirty cybersquatter) by ignorant business owners without an ounce of brain or a hefty budget?

Join the Domainer Lives Matter movement, spreading like a wildfire on the interwebs.

“We started this as a joke one Sunday night when there was nothing left to watch on Netflix, I reckon” says Markus Bob Drumman, a domainer from Adolphus, Kentucky.

“Up here there ain’t much to look forward to other than play with dirt bikes or kill some deer and stuff. But domainers are serious about this job. We matter. We should be heard!” added Drumman, looking very serious in his paramilitary fatigues.

It was a devastating incident that made Drumman and his domainer buddies, Rufus and Spec form the Domainer Lives Matter movement, and they now gather every Monday night after poker.

Drumman was criticized about his domain investments by a brand owner, who took his gTLD domains in a swift URS decision. The loss was substantial, and Drumman had to surrender all his .XYZ domains about Adidas, Nike and other sporting brands.

“Domainers are real beings, we ain’t no cybersquatter scum that them there folks in suits call us! So we will spread the good word about us folk, we sure will!” exclaimed Markus Bob Drumman, brandishing an AR-15 rifle.

If you have been called a dirty cybersquatter or worse, time to take some action. Join the Domainer Lives Matter movement and spread only goodness about this great domain industry, y’all.

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