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Domainer of the century: Bullshitwebsites.com


It’s Friday, and with the weekend ahead it’s time to kick back and cut loose from all the bullshit we sustained through the week: lowball offers, hacking attempts, spam comments, flu-clogged ears, blue balls etc.

What a better way to cut loose than by watching our popular commentator, BullS, in a video where he speaks the truth about the web sites on the Internet 😀


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5 Responses to “Domainer of the century: Bullshitwebsites.com”
  1. Troy says:

    That guy makes no more sense in a video than he does using text.

  2. DomainShane says:

    Thank God that didn’t load for me. I think I saved 5 minutes of my life that I would have never gotten back. Some insane people are brilliant and then some like BS are just insane

  3. BullS says:

    Breaking News- so many requests for interview from major networks. They have to go thru my agent.

    DomainShAme- your PC is infected because you are watching too much porn.

    BTW- I know more about plants than you as I have the largest jade plant in the world!!

  4. 888888 says:

    He is not that silly ….. i had to go and look ( smart marketing ??? )

  5. Jeff Edelman says:

    This was great. Absolutely loved it! Just what I needed to see on a Friday afternoon.

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