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Domainers in panic : No more IPv4 addresses left!


No more new IPv4 address space left!

Last week, ARIN officially issued the very last of the available IPv4 space.

What this means, is that web hosting providers providers and companies will no longer be able to simply request additional IP space from ARIN to meet their needs for expansion.

So much for the Internet of things! Should domainers be in panic?

The IPv4 protocol was released in 1981 and can only allocate a maximum of 4.3 billion unique addresses.

Its replacement, IPv6, can hold up to 340 undecillion addresses. That’s 340 followed by 36 zeroes!

Modern operating systems provide full support for IPv6, a protocol that has been around since 1999.

With all this in mind, the use of IPv6 address space will ensure that devices, web sites and domains will continue to work as before, only with even more cryptic looking IP addresses!

To test your connection for IPv6 readiness, head over to this web site.

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