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Domainer Profiles: Nick Rushkovsky of Voodoo.TV

Papa Mwanyazi influenced or scarred Nick for life.

Papa Mwanyazi who influenced and scarred Nick for life.

Welcome back to Domainer Profiles. In our open series, we have shed light on the lives of exceptional domainers, such as Elliot Silver, Frank Schilling and Tia Wood.

This is the true story of Nick Rushkovsky of Voodoo.TV. Some parts, or more, have been altered to protect the innocent.

Due to the nature of supernatural events revealed in this profile, viewer discretion is advised.

My name is Nick Rushkovsky, some of you met me on the forums under the nickname twomoon or Nick.

My path to domaining started a long time ago.

When I was a 5 year old boy,  I went with my parents to the small African country of Benin, where my father was a Russian teacher in the University.

We lived in a small villa in suburbs of Cotonou. Naturally, I was a nice curious boy, and liked to spend time outdoors. One day me and my closest friend, Precious Chidhuku, were playing on the street with dead snakes, chicken legs and other toys. Nothing out of the ordinary.

On the other side of the street was a small house where a guy called Papa Mwanyazi lived.

Papa was not a usual man, people called him a magician. I still shiver when I say his name, it sends goosebumps to my body.

That day us boys saw Papa leaving the house with one little white boy, that we never saw before. The last phrase Papa said to that white boy with funny eyes was “one day they will call you the domain king”.

Anyway when they both went out, me and my friend out of curiosity decided to enter Papa’s house through the open window and to check what was inside!

As we entered the house, it was dark but we saw a strange box in the corner of the room. There was a moving picture, and a head in the box was singing a strange song.

I was so shocked, it was the first time as an boy living thousands of miles away from my beloved USSR seeing a TV.

While I stared at that head in the box, a dog slowly entered the room, but it was not a usual one – the dog had a cat’s head.

Back in the day, us boys didn’t take any drugs, nor weed, or even my dad’s secret stash of premium vodka, and we almost had a heart attack.

Then the scary part began, as the “dog” started to cry something like “vvoooooooooodooooooo, “voooooodooo”… We were scared as hell, pissing our shorts and run away as fast as we could.

I don’t remember how I returned to my parents’ home, the last thing I recall was .TV and that unknown word “voooodoooo”. My mother spanked me for pissing my shorts and I didn’t eat cow butter for a week.

Years passed by, I became a grown up, had a family but sometimes in my dreams I see that last vision from the Papa Mwanyazi’s house.

In 2008 I casually started my domains experience. Two years later, I was surfing the portfolio of one famous domainer and found that the domain Voodoo.Tv was for sale.

It was like I had been struck by lightning!

All of my childhood experience from Africa came back, it was a sign from no other than Papa Mwanyazi himself!

After negotiations I purchased Voodoo.Tv and decided to build a business on it.

That same night I dreamed again that vision from the African house, but it was different: the dog with a cat’s head was smiling and the head in the .TV was now Papa Mwanyazi who was repeating: “Luck, little white kartofel – luck, luck, finally… luck, luck.”

I never understood why Papa Mwanyazi referred to me as “little white potato”, but I decided to build a web site on Voodoo.Tv to sell my domain portfolio.

You are invited to check it out and buy some of my domains –  or I might have a little talk with Papa Mwanyazi and you don’t want to see him in your dreams, trust me…


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