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Domainer Profiles: Rick Schwartz


Rick Schwartz visibly happy about the iReport sale – Photo courtesy of DNJournal.com

After yesterday’s coverage of Elliot Silver, today we continue our humorous ‘Domainer Profiles‘ series, with no other than Rick Schwartz – the Domain King.

Rick Schwartz started working at a young age and judging by his sale of Men.com for $1.32 million and Candy.com for $3 million (plus future earnings) he is one hell of a sales guy.

In fact, Rick successfully sold both cars and furniture as a traveling salesman. In different times, he must have been the Sofa King! 😀

Rick’s known for his fiery temperament online through his blog, RicksBlog.com, something that hints of Italian or Irish blood.

As a Freemason, Rick is aware of the mechanics of organizing his posts in staccato paragraphs, sometimes writing prolific pieces supportive of the domain industry. Currently, Rick is not very fond of Brazilians, due to the SaveMe.com UDRP that will hopefully be decided in his favor soon.

For several years now, Rick Schwartz produces the highly successful TRAFFIC domain conference. The few times that Rick Latona took over, Rick seemed to enjoy the quiet time and watched Latona handle the stress that comes with the package!

Rick is not afraid to openly acknowledge his domaining mistakes; the acquisition of Flowers.mobi cost a pretty penny, but the key is that Rick Schwartz cut the cord with his investment and moved on; however, we are not sure if he bought new dishes the following day to replace the broken ones! 😀

As a person, Rick is genuinely friendly, with a trademark smile and he is a great conversationalist. We recall the introductory “There’s some shrimp ovah theah, enjoy!” during the registrations for TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando, Florida.

Rick Schwartz holds and manages a portfolio of 6,000 domain names – a drip in the ocean compared to Frank Schilling or Mike Berkens – but he’s proud to have been a pioneer, registering domains since 1996.

Back in the day, Rick was also hooked to 3D first person shooter, Duke Nukem, which he had to put down in order to focus on domaining. Apparently, Rick never played Doom, or he would not have been able to quit gaming! 😀

So what is that makes Rick Schwartz be the ‘Domain King‘?

Primarily, it’s his ability to instill vision into his business plans, to change route when things become unproductive and to stick to his guns; one of his favorite sayings is that “.com is king”.

And so is Rick. 🙂



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5 Responses to “Domainer Profiles: Rick Schwartz”
  1. adrian Keys says:

    Has Rick written any books? He is a unique communicator and very powerful to certain audiences.

  2. Matias says:

    I recommend watching Rick’s interview on Domainsherpa.com

  3. Farid says:

    domainkingis.com (domain king is dot com)

  4. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Adrian – No books thus far but he’s provided lots of ‘chapters’ at his blog.

    Matias – True, but most people with ADD want the summary if they can’t sit in front of 90 minutes of video.

    Farid – Rick would call this a ‘pigeon domain’.

  5. Picas says:

    and when Rick dislikes someone …we wait to see some of his new webs …with suffix Suck….

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