#Domainers arrested at #Starbucks for wi-fi abuse over #WHOIS

Two domain investors were arrested at a Miami Starbucks over the weekend, after they allegedly abused the cafe’s wi-fi.

Bob and Jack Arkautras, twin brothers from Lithuania, sat at the Starbucks for seventeen hours on Friday, and another fourteen on Saturday, using its wireless Internet resources at full peak.

“Those gentlemen were clearly abusing our Internet connection pipeline, querying millions of domain names and downloading the WHOIS information,” said the Starbucks IT manager, John Smith.

“We asked them politely to end this massive activity abusing our resources, or at least buy one latte every hour but they refused. So we had to call the cops,” added John Smith.

The Arkautras brothers polled DomainTools non-stop, downloading domain reports of large corporations, according to the Starbucks IT manager. They were looking to profit from these reports, once the WHOIS database gets affected by the GDPR on May 25th.

The Miami-Dade police released the domain investor brothers after four hours. According to the police report, the two brothers were extremely friendly, and they gave a free seminar on domain investing to the officers of the police department.

The hashtag #StarbucksGDPR circulated on social media during their short arrest.

If you visit Starbucks to use their wi-fi, buy a latte or a frappuccino grande every hour, to avoid such complications.

Photo by Jake Young on Unsplash

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