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#Domainers Bustelo Bros launch new #domain web site full of 1990s nostalgia

Can’t stop the Bustelo Bros, the dynamic duo of domain investor brothers, Moby Bustelo and Dick Bustelo.

The NamesCon hall of famers just launched a new web site on BusteloBros.com – and it’s a great trip down memory lane.

“We always wanted to keep ourselves locked down in the 1990s when it all started,” said Moby Bustelo.

“With pixelated graphics, flashing text, and straight up HTML pages formatted for 800px wide monitors, that’s how our top notch domain portfolio is shared with the rest of the domain investor community!” exclaimed Moby Bustelo, who once played bass for the 80’s hair band, “Seventeen.”

The design is flawlessly nostalgic of an era when domains were $100 bucks a pop for two years, and Network Solutions was the only domain registrar.

“Just can’t shake that feeling, it’s rocking baby!” said Dick Bustelo, former drummer for “Seventeen.”

“I don’t know why the world wide web needs to be catering to mobile phones! We had a car phone in 1992 but we drove with the top down, who has time to drive and browse Information Superhighway? Just go home and fire up that Pentium computer linked to Compuserve, baby!”

If you are interested in any of the top notch domains that the Bustelo Bros are currently selling, here’s part of the list:

  • CaliforniaYayGolf.com
  • SuperSexyDrummer.com
  • HadLongHairInThe80s.com
  • MyDomainIsKewl.com
  • RockOnTGIF.com

Or visit BusteloBrosRock.com – if it takes a while to load, try again. The site is optimized for dial up modems and AOL account holders.

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2 Responses to “#Domainers Bustelo Bros launch new #domain web site full of 1990s nostalgia”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    i was gonna make a funny joke about a castle but then i had another drink and forgot what i was gonna say.

  2. Don W. says:

    There are definitely unspoken rules about domaining and drinking.

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