#Domainer’s car got keyed by dot com fanatics

Don’t ever go down that fancy neighborhood in Crystal Lakes, Milwaukee, if you drive in a car with a gTLD tag.

Dot .com fanatics, apparently, keyed the car of Rob Franzisky, domain investor and supporter of dot .life domains.

In fact, Franzisky’s car tag reads BUCKS4LIFE and he has a www.Bucks4.life sticker on his back window.

A keyed car

Said Rob:

“I was minding my business after a long day, parked at my niece’s house and we had dinner and all, then at 10pm I go to my car and see this mess – they keyed my car and left a nasty message!”

The message read, “Get a real domain! Like, Bucks4Life.com!” which indicates that someone was upset with the .life domain on Bob Franzisky’s car, promoting the matching .com instead.

“Some people, it’s ridiculous, can’t mind their own business, that’s all. I do well with .life domains, and I’m a big fan of the Bucks. Keying my car? What a loser!”

It might be unrelated, but Bucks4Life.com is now expired at GoDaddy pending renewal or deletion. Bob has no intention to bid in the expiring domain auction at GoDaddy.

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  1. I already suspect the Domain Clown.

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