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Domainers discuss the Super Bowl XLVII

Late last night, we asked several domainers what their thoughts and predictions are with regards to the Big Game – also known as the Super Bowl ™.

Here’s what they had to say about today’s football extravaganza, that kicks off at 6:30pm Eastern. 😀

Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl XLVII

Elliot Silver:
I’ll be having beer, trying to find a decent pub here in Boston is a challenge. I miss my NYC condo, I could walk my dog at the park and have a cold one at 5th Avenue. Did I mention, DogWalker.com has a Super Bowl special today, go visit.

Rick Schwartz:
Listen folks, numbers never lie: the team that scores the most points before the game is over, will win. I’ve been telling this for years, investing in domain names instead of wasting time on tv is the smart man’s commitment to untold millions! If you don’t believe me, read what Danny Welsh is saying, at JointVentures.com.

Tia Wood:
Who needs a ‘big game’ when all they do is thinking small? Hm? Think about it. Domain developers that make micro/mini web sites with not much planning ahead about the onslaught of traffic and SEO miracles. I’m willing to perform the latter, and I love cats.

Domain Shane:
One day back in 1983, being just 14 I sold my first domain. Well, not quite, it was a pack of baseball cards and an old bat, but entrepreneurs start at a young age. Rest assured my expired domain list is the best, see you all at Webfest; if I could, I’d ran all the way there but I listen to my coach saying not to overdo it.

Francois Carrillo:
I play football, real football in France. Remember, Michel Platini, famous player in 80’s for France. Today America think football must call ‘soccer’, ah ah ah ah! OK, so I think 49ers win, absolument.

Owen Frager:
Let’s go wide, or let’s go for truncation baby. Have you ever thought why Frank Schilling never mentions football? It’s because he’s busy selling domains for thousands of dollars. Facebook, twitter, Apple stock will rise, and creative domains always produce million dollar inventory. Just remember, Frank Schilling and Merlin Kauffman were there first.

Mike Mann:
I detest those that scam others, trying to hack my server and whine about charities. Football, yes. I think the Ravens will win, but they might lose. Life’s a gamble, let’s face it. I recommend Red Bull and green tea, keeps me going.

Ron Jackson:
I remember, in October 1985 a great play by Dan Marino, I was covering the game for WXYZ and they sent me to the game. Ron, said my manager, it’s your big break. That game alone entered Dan Marino into the hall of fame, amazing times.

Andrew Allemann – DNW:
The GoDaddy commercial for this year’s Super Bowl is the definitive moment of delivering humor with a strong corporate message: GoDaddy is #1. I doubt that a UDRP will be triggered by just blogging about ‘Super Bowl’ but don’t be stupid and go registering domains with that name, or it will end up at the National Arbitration Forum and a notification email will eventually make me blog about it. Visit GoDaddy.com.

May the best team win – and if you drink, have a designated driver whose favorite team doesn’t play at the Super Bowl. 😀

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