Domainers : Fly with Frank around the world!

During his keynote speech at NamesCon 2016, Frank Schilling paused a few times as he was demonstrating the Uniregistry Market.

It wasn’t a case of forgetting his words, or getting distracted by the crowds in the packed room.

It wasn’t about that funny password incident either.

Frank’s momentary loss of words was thanks to the overflowing of emotions, from witnessing his vision become a creation delivered in the hands of an entire industry, and from getting chills in the process.

And that’s the human spirit at work, made to roam the world, creating the impossible.

In honor of Frank Schilling’s entrepreneurial spirit we are releasing 10 unique digital post cards, under the “Fly with Frank” theme. Enjoy!


Fly with Frank – Cayman Islands.


Fly with Frank – Greece.


Fly with Frank – Switzerland.


Fly with Frank – Rabat, Morocco.


Fly with Frank – Paris, France.


Fly with Frank – Tokyo, Japan.


Fly with Frank – Berlin, Germany.


Fly with Frank – Beijing, China.


Fly with Frank – Cairo, Egypt.


Fly with Frank – Venice, Italy.

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One Response to “Domainers : Fly with Frank around the world!”
  1. max says:

    haha, that’s one of the best post cards for domainers and domainers only,except frank’s family members

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