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Domainers: Got hit with a UDRP? All you need to win is this cookie cutter email

A UDRP should be responded to, or risk losing the domain.

This is how to win a UDRP.

Got served with a UDRP for your generic, aged domain and don’t want to spend money on lawyers?

No problem.

Let’s face it: a UDRP isn’t the end of the world, and if you can hit CTRL-C and CTRL-V and know how to send email, you are halfway to success.

Most domainers detest the idea of consulting with an expert IP law professional, that most likely all they do is copy/paste statements to emails and use funny “legal speak” to describe simple words.


If you want to win the UDRP case against your domain, all you need is this response and some fair amount of good luck.

— Cut here —

Dear WIPO,

With all due respect, my generic ‘windows’ domain does not infringe on any trademarks. I used it since 2013 without a problem. If they cannot protect their brand it’s not my fault. Yes, there are some ads on it, so what – everyone needs to make a living.

Domains are sold daily, check out DNJournal.com. If they want my domain, they have to pay for it. I think $5000 is a fair price for a Microsoft product.

The law of “first come, first served” applies to domains, this is 2014 not 1994! I know you are a reasonable man, so hear me out.

As a member of domain forums since 2011 I know many brands get sold for more. So cancel this UDRP as frivolous, unfair and anti-domainer.

PS. As I don’t use a lawyer email me directly, or call. Whichever is faster. Thanks.

— Cut here —

Of course, we’re just jesting here.

When it comes down to defending your domain names, none of this crap applies.

An expert, qualified domain lawyer is your best line of defense against any legal threat or UDRP.

Yes, there are times when a self-written response might get you the expected result. Odds are that you can also win the state Lotto or marry a supermodel you met at the bar.

So take no chances when in need to defend your domain names against a UDRP, particularly when you invested time and money to acquire and sustain your digital property.

Seek the advice of qualified, expert domain lawyers – don’t take a chance.

Have a wonderful, prosperous and successful new year with domains!

Note: ESQwire is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.com, and an established law firm. This is an advertisement.

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  1. RaTHeaD says:

    expert… hehehe… you said expert. i guess you wear two hats. hahahahaha.

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