Domainers to burn domains in protest of bad economy

Many domainers are expected to set their domains on fire.

Many domainers are expected to set their domains on fire.

The news about the strenuous fiscal cliff ahead of the current bad economy, has driven many a pious domain investor to unbeknownst heights of madness.

Thousands of former domain flippers, eBay opportunists, part time soccer moms and MLM evangelists are abandoning domaining in drones.

“Damn be those that kept the heavenly promised rise of domain investment from flourishing!” exclaimed Darryl Streep of Lexington, Kentucky.

“Burn to all eternity, for the evil they caused to those hard-working among us.” he added, shaking a pitchfork.

Several domain investors that live close to Streep’s farm, are threatening to set their domains on fire, in protest of this bad economy.

“I shall burn this bastard child, before any more lowball offers arrive from GoDaddy!” yelled Pat Dahdy, who is the vicar of a small town next to Lexington. “I am telling you, no more wasteful domain investment, let it all burn to smithereens!”

The sentiments of these dejected domain investors are echoed in every city in America, which Obama visited during his election campaign.

These days, the Obama Administration Part Deux does not seem to care about the well-being of the middle class; a lot of domainers will lose fortunes in the months to come, and those that die will have to leave behind debt, unpaid taxes and unfed children.

In other news, the Mayan calendar does not extend its print past December 21st, for some odd reason.

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  1. south says:

    I believe the preferred term is “UAV”. Actually, many of them, while not arriving in drones, were actually drones before beginning their domaining career. Others were converted after the addiction took hold.

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