Domainers : You have 7 months to get married!

Big day for two popular domainers and their significant others.

Get married, get a discount.

If you’re currently involved and indecisive about getting hitched, now it’s the time to get married.

The reason: a two-for-the-price-of-one promotion for THE Domain Conference, $399 dollars + tax for a married couple.

Domain investors that plan to attend THE Domain Conference in September, have just 7 months to get married to get that discount.

“Me and my bae are definitely attending, and Howard Neu’s email convinced us to go for it, I’m so happy!” exclaimed Laetitia DeLondra, a domainer from Brooklyn, NY, adding: “He finally gonna put a ring on it!”

Domainers can only take advantage of the deal until February 14th, Valentine’s Day, but they don’t really have to be married at the time; only when they show up at The Domain Conference.

Meanwhile, single domainers are actively demonstrating in the streets, and some believe that their exclusion from this offer is unconstitutional.

“What the frank, bro? I’m seeing this girl, we hit it off, we live together and sheet, but can’t get no domain conference discount because we aren’t married? Hell bro, we don’t believe in marriage, so why not give the discount to all involved couples, ‘noamsayin? My rights are violated, ‘noamsayin? Sheet!”

Whether you’re married, single or planning to join your significant other in holy matrimony, The Domain Conference welcomes you.

Hopefully, the two-for-the-price-of-one discount offer applies to gay married couples as well.

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  1. I demand numeric .infos as part of the dowery

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