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DomainGang introduces Food, Politics, Health & Sports sections

DomainGang introduces several new News segments, effective sometime this century.

Following the paramount example of Domaining.com owner, Francois Carrillo, DomainGang.com is about to introduce several exciting new segments.

“I believe that Francois did the right thing – in a French sort of way – to introduce RSS feeds from non-domaining sources briefly yesterday”, said Lucius, general manager of DomainGang. “By introducing news segments about Food, Politics, Health & Sports to our content, we will be bringing value to our domainer readers, who are tired reading the same old, same old on the Domaining feed.”

Once thought to be a taboo approach to delivering content, multi-themed magazines are all the rage in various industries, including the tech sector.

“By including a Food section we can talk about Chef Patrick’s lack of cooking skills; Health section will debate whether Sahar’s shaved head is more hygienic; Sports will talk about marathoner domainer Bruce Marler, while in the Politics section we will bring forth the need for elections in the domain leadership and whether we need a female as a president. There will be a section for everyone”, added Lucius.

The changes are slated for implementation sometime in our lifetime – or failing that, during the following one.

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