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Domaining 2014: Uniregistry and the birth of the modern, secure domain registrar


As we’re wrapping up the current year in domaining, the single most important element of any domain registration is its security.

Domain names can be valued at millions of dollars, but for the average Joe Domainer every single domain has a priceless tag.

Registrars that fail to secure their clients’ assets end up losing face and in the process, thousands of domains under management.

The successful mass attack on Moniker accounts confirmed that a registrar must operate on clean, modern code created from the ground up to adhere to modern programming principles on efficiency and security.

Reflecting this notion, Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry launched as the paradigm of a modern, secure domain registrar, providing a lean yet comprehensive user interface and a layer of security that is emphasized by the use of two-way authentication. Add free WHOIS shield to the recipe, along with excellent customer support and one has a winning combination.

In 2015 and beyond, the expansion of gTLDs will continue to require secure, customized solutions, as opposed to the turn-key applications that are often plagued by security holes. After all, domain investors need to sleep well at night, without any worries about the safety of their domain name portfolios.

Read more about what else happened in the domain industry in 2014. – and best wishes for a Merry Christmas!


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